About Us

Dice Hate Me Games is an imprint of Greater Than Games, committed to bringing entertaining, innovative, and challenging games to the table and beyond. Our passion for boardgames, dedication to quality, and guiding life philosophies are reflected in the innovative designers, keen developers, and talented artists that we choose to work with.

We are eternally grateful for the unwavering support from family, friends, and colleagues which has guided us in helping to make our dream a reality.


Dice Hate Me Crew



Chris Kirkman (@dicehateme)
Chris is the owner, founder, and frontman of Dice Hate Me Games. He’s from the South and says “y’all” all the time.





TC Petty III (@puppyshogun)
TC is the “Game Guru” for Dice Hate Me Games. He consults on games. He also consoles, councils, and conceals them, too – usually within his long, flowing locks.