Dice Hate Me 54-Card Challenge Finalists!

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The call for card games from Dice Hate Me was heeded – in a very big way! We received over 100 entries into the Dice Hate Me 54-Card Challenge, which was far above and beyond expectations. The massive amount of entries meant that the design community was energized and inspired to create something special, but it also meant that the competition was fierce, and judging took a very long time. Originally, the plan was to have six finalists to be judged at Unpub; since...

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From Conception to Convention Part 5: “We’re Going to Make this Place Your Home”

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Let’s take a jump into our Wayback Machines and revisit the early days of GrandCon, shortly after Brian and I got together.  If you’re going to put on an event of any kind, especially one of large scope, one of the first things you have to do is figure out where it is going to take place.  It’s one thing to have a game day of 10-15 people.  It’s another to have a party to accommodate 50 or so.  But to have an event whose hopeful attendance begins at 200+ is a horse of a...

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Robert Burke’s Battle for Souls

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Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary review copy of Battle for Souls. I have played 4  2-player games of BfS to provide a foundation for this review. Battle for Souls is a card game in which players assume the role of Good or Evil, vying for the immortal souls of humans.  You will have to keep up not only with the winning of souls to your side, but also with the use of divine powers to keep your opponent from getting the better of you, and mankind. The heart of the...

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From Conception to Convention Part 4: U-Con and Fanfare

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I know, I know, I know…  I have no excuses.  Well, actually I have plenty of excuses—work, family, other hobbies/interests.  I had every intention of getting this blog out at least once a month.  Boy has that proved to be tougher than I thought.  My hat is off to those who do this regularly. At the end of my last entry I committed to telling you all about U-Con and Fanfare.  But before I delve into the experience itself, I want to give a thank you to the staff that put...

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