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Pie Factory is a delicious treat for 2 to 4 players and ages 12+.

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Bryan Fischer (co-designer of Chicken Caesar, and one of the heads of Nevermore Games) has been working on the design for Pie Factory for the past couple of years, and approached Dice Hate Me Games about publishing his delicious little title long before the 54-Card Challenge.

As workers in a pie factory, players are competing for the big promotion to be announced in two days’ time. In order to be selected, players must box the most value in pies and influence the higher-ups to choose them. Pie Factory’s heart and soul is the Assembly Line mechanic from which players draft ingredients for their pies. Each ingredient takes a certain amount of time to prepare and player order is rearranged each round to reflect time taken, so players must time their actions just right to make sure they get the ingredients they most want. This is the one where grandma will crush everyone at the table — we’ve seen it far too many times.

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