The Fittest

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The Fittest is pocket sized social play for 4-6 players ages 12 and up.

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Graham Russell’s The Fittest tied for second runner-up in the 54-Card Challenge, and was certainly the best of the social games in the competition. In The Fittest, you’ve been selected for the most rigorous, cutthroat reality competition on TV. As a contestant, you’ll compete in challenges and work with and against the other competitors for a shot at fame and fortune. You won’t win if you go it alone, but don’t get too friendly; you’ll have to do a bit of backstabbing to emerge victorious.


The Fittest features fierce social play and shifting alliances. Players will have to evaluate a challenge each round and convince other players to work with them in order to best the challenge for variable rewards. The player who has best managed their alliances and achieved the best rewards at the end of the game will be the victor.

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